Sign Petition to Stop Fracking

A plea for your help, from Lynda McEvoy

Kanab Utah and local environs are under attack from an ill-conceived, unnecessary and destructive frac-sand mine proposal. I lived in Kanab for 9 years and I can tell you that the area that is planned for this monstrosity is wrong for a huge number of reasons. First of all, we need to stop fracking as it is causing problems nationwide (pollution, earthquakes, damage to the water table, is contributing to climate change, etc.), second, the planned area is pristine and is comprised of incredible natural beauty that should never be developed, plus it is far too close to Kanab, Zion and Best Friends… and the host of other reasons are outlined in the youtube video below. Please watch it and then please sign the petition in the link below the video link.

If you share this with others, we can have even more impact. This is being fought in Kanab with everything the locals can muster, but, truly, this is an issue that affects all of us who care about the earth. Please help.

Here are links to the frac sand movie and petition. Thank you in advance for sending these out to people. The more people are concerned about this, the better.

Here is another interesting article about fracked gas. We all need more information to be able to know the truth about what is driving the push for fracking.

Thanks so much,

Lynda McEvoy