NAZCCA’s vision for the world we wish to see, the purpose of NAZCCA in meeting that vision, and the goals and strategies NAZCCA will use to fulfill our purpose and the mission of NAZCCA -- the elements reflecting a theory of change-- are presented here. These elements will help keep our work focused to build something greater, namely a grassroots movement with clout to slow GHG emissions/climate change and help people adapt to climate change specifically in northern Arizona.

“It does not matter who is in power,
what matters is the grassroots.”

Our Mission

NAZCCA’s mission is to inform and engage people from all walks of life to join a broad and diverse climate movement. NAZCCA seeks to raise awareness of the threats of climate change and activate residents  to organize and work to reduce human impact on climate. By informing, engaging, and training people to fight for change we hope to achieve a future that is sustainable for people and planet.

Our vision

We seek to achieve a sustainable future where people’s power promotes and maintains a healthy environment and builds a society that is just, prosperous, and socially and economically equitable in a changing climate.

The Change We Want to See

Governments and corporations and politicians will not take the necessary action to reduce the impact of climate change adequately if they are left to their own devices. The entrenched economic and political status quo, built on the continuing dependence on fossil fuels, is a barrier to progress. At the same time, our residents have been induced into states of doubt and even dismissal of the fact that climate change is real, that it is man-made, and that we must react quickly to save ourselves and others, and ultimately our planet and species.

To break through this barrier we believe that an organized movement of citizens must build up pressure for change by galvanizing public support, countering the power of vested interests, and showing that alternative pathways to a thriving global community are possible, desirable, and necessary for our survival.

To change these things, we need everyone, irrespective of partisan political preference, ethnic affiliation, sex or sexual preference. We value an ever-expanding movement that consistently brings in new constituencies, and fosters collaboration and coalition-building across local, county, and even states, and between diverse segments of the human community. We need to escalate the pressure to make sure that change happens, and we must generate sufficient movement clout to make the needs, hopes, and visions of the grassroots become a force that no politicians can ignore.

Our work must always be guided by science, as well as justice. We do not mention constantly fixed goals or metrics. This reflects a belief that our movement is about much more than carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or a specific limited goal. It is also about fundamentally challenging and changing the political and economic systems that lead to catastrophic climate change, and about building a future that works for people and the planet. New short terms goals will emerge along the way.

How we will create change


  • We promote climate justice when we take guidance from our many local communities and how they have been impacted by the use of fossil fuels and climate change.

  • We are stronger when we collaborate with others engaged in actions consistent with our vision.

  • Mass mobilizations not just during election periods open the eyes of government and corporate power-holders to the power we are building through prolonged organizing and campaigning.

Our Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 : Shift power toward alternative energy to keep carbon in the ground and prevent the fossil fuel industry from accelerating catastrophic climate change.

  • Dismantle the social license of the fossil fuel industry by shifting public opinion and damaging their economic and political power using strategic campaigns (for example: the Yes on 1267 campaign).

  • Take on iconic battles against specific dirty projects, overdevelopment in communities,  and industry practices, in solidarity with groups organizing in the communities most impacted by the industry.

  • Counter industry and government narratives that promote dirty energy with science based communication and creative storytelling.

  • Support solutions at the city, county, state and national levels that progressively  shift us out of fossil fuel reliance to renewables and energy efficiency which above all benefit  the community in terms of improved health, higher savings, more jobs, cleaner air, and overall economic gains. To that end, we support climate action plans, we support extricating ourselves from the fossil fuel dependency to renewables by the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019, we support  local or state efforts propelling us in the direction of solar and wind production.

Goal 2 : Support organizations and communities confronting the impacts of climate change and building climate solutions for a more just economy free of fossil fuels.

  • Promote investment toward community-based sustainable initiatives and renewable energy projects.

  • Respond to climate disasters by connecting the dots to climate change and supporting local efforts that meet the needs of affected people.

  • Support organizations creating economic pathways for people to shift away from a fossil fuel economy.

Goal 3 : Build a non-partisan movement that puts pressure on governments to take action on reducing emissions and adopting just, low carbon development pathways.  Overall, politicians should be held accountable as we take these actions.

  • Target local and even our national government with locally appropriate campaigns that move it towards ambitious national action to stop greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Work in coalition with local communities, organizations and movements to leverage our combined power around key regional and international events, such as climate and economic summits.  

Goal 4 : In the shorter term, build out our movement with several strategic goals and prioritize certain sectors.

  • Target the following demographics, youth/student groups, faith groups, and homeowners including folks linked to both dominant political parties while NAZCCA pursues a strictly non partisan and non electoral roll. Though other sectors remain of importance and support is welcome from  Native Americans, Latinos, women, environmental groups, labor, our limited capacity requires a focus.

  • Target the following issues, climate change and impacts or solutions  related to: Water, Waste, Energy, Food Choices, Climate Migration, Transportation and households.  The latter includes economic gains to households related to the preceding items such as Water or Waste,  the cost benefits of dealing with climate change, the costs of delay, and the continued rise in housing and home costs with little or no action on climate change.

  • Support community respect, empowerment and inclusion, meaning encouraging local residents to step up, taking the initiative, respecting them for who they are or whatever ability they have, and seeking to include them.  NAZCCA is not out to manipulate or to use or to lead volunteers but to help volunteers and the community take the lead to slow climate change.

  • Have the board of directors offer guidance ultimately to generate a citizen’s climate movement in which by democratic processes have their voices heard and their force recognized to propel change.

  • Build in many cities or town grassroots teams based on the snowflake model, in which the team members serve as coordinators and facilitators.

  • Promote strong climate action plans at city and county level, recognizing passage does not guarantee implementation.  Opponents will subvert, dilute, obstruct such measures, especially if short term costs arise to generate long term savings.